Azure deployment to different cloud services

I have two Azure cloud services that I want to deploy the same package to.

My current setup is to have them in the save environment (eg. Production) but I want to assign different variables based on the role of the server (eg. Web - SEA, Web - NEU)

When I was deploying off one tentacle it would only deploy to one role, and when I had two tentacles on the same machine it would upload to both but still only deploy to one role. The only way I have been able to get around it so far is to have a step that only runs for one role that I duplicate for the other role.

Is there a better way of setting this up?

Hi Lee,

Thanks for getting in touch and sorry for the late reply. The Azure package deployment step is only intended to run on one machine, because ultimately it is pushing the site to an Azure cloud service - if we had 3 Tentacles all trying to push to the same Azure cloud service, it wouldn’t work, because each would just overwrite the other.

Could you share more information about your scenario? If you have two Tentacles trying to push to Azure, I assume you must be trying to push to different cloud services in Azure?


Thanks for replying Paul,

Yeah, trying to deploy the same package to a cloud service in North East Europe and a cloud service in South East Asia

At the moment I have duplicated the step for the different cloud services.

Hi Lee,

Thanks for the reply - yeah, unfortunately that is the only way to do this. In future we’ll support the ability to run steps in parallel so you’ll be able to deploy both at the same time, but for now running them sequentially is the only option.