Azure Cloud service Deployment


We are planning to setup deployment pipeline for Azure cloud service using Teamcity and Octopus. We have created nuget package which contains cspkg file.We have test,QA and Produtcion environments. We have to run config transform for Web config during deployment based on environments and service configuration transform also should happen during deployment. I am attaching the screenshot of Nuget package,Cspkg,.cssx file structure. Please let me know what is the best way to handle this. Please let me know if you need additional details.Thanks is advance

Hi Antony,

Thanks for getting in touch. Have you checked out our Azure Cloud Service documentation? If not, it’s got some great information about how to go about packaging and deploying your Cloud Service.

Specific to the questions you were asking, there’s no screenshots that highlight it in those documentation pages but the Azure Cloud Service deployment step does support our usual variable substitution and config transformations. Look for “Configure features” just below the Deployment section of the step. There is also some more detailed information on config transforms specifically on our blog and in our documentation.

I hope that helps and if I can assist further please let me know.