Azure app services (web apps) and variables


I’m in the middle of setting up OD for deploying of Azure webapps/app services. So far so good, but I’m stuck with the variable substitution.
For cloud services it works fine but for webapps I cannot get the substitution to work. No matter what I try when I go to the Azure Portal and look at the web app “App Settings” my changes are not there.

I’m wondering if they’re supposed to work… or if not, should I be going down the route of #{Variable} substitution of the web.config directly?

Any advice/thoughts welcome


Hi Ken,

What exactly are you attempting that is not working?

Both Configuration Variables and Configuration Transform functionality is available during Azure Web App deployments.

Could you provide an example of the configuration file you are trying to replace?
Do you have the “Configuration Variables” feature enabled for your Azure Web App step?



Maybe I’m misunderstanding how it should be used.
What I was picturing was if I have variable “foo” in my web.config and in OD I set the variable “foo” to be set to something else. I was thinking that once I deployed using OD, I’d see the OD version of foo displaying in the Azure Portal (see attached)

Maybe I’m simply misunderstanding what is available. I can see that doing variable substitution works fine (via #{varname} method). But I was picturing that it would appear in the Azure portal.




It seems your attachment is missing. Could you possibly attach a sample of your web.config?

As mentioned at the beginning of this document, if you have any appSettings',applicationSettingsorconnectionStringelements that match the name of a variable defined in Octopus, they should be automatically set (assuming theConfiguration variables` feature enabled).

Otherwise you must explicitly target the file for variable-substitution, as you mention.