Azure Active Directory Authentication

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Are there any plans to provide support for Azure AD authentication?

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We were discussing this just the other day. While we don’t have a concrete time-frame, I believe this is something we will add support for in the not-to-distant future.

In the meantime, in this thread Jon reported that he was successful in getting AAD authentication working via Octopus. There should be some information in there to give you a head-start if this is something you wish to attempt.

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Thank you so much Michael for your excellent support of an excellent product!

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I am evaluating Octopus deploy for a client of mine. We will be deploying to AWS.
We are also going to use TeamCity.
Teamcity already provides a plugin that makes authentication via Azure active directory easy.

It will be awesome to have similar feature in Octopus deploy.

Here is our scenario:

We will have a virtual private cloud in AWS. It will contain all of our shared services.
We will stand up TeamCity and Octopus Deploy on separate servers.
I am hoping to avoid domain joining these virtual machine at this time.
My client is already using O365 so they have all their users defined in Azure active directory. Being able to use them for authentication help makes it possible for us to use our domain credentials without domain joining the vm’s the run Octopus deploy server.

Unfortunately, right now you cannot use Azure Active Directory for authentication in Octopus Deploy.

We may support this in the future, but not in the short-term.


Any update on this? It would be a really big deal for us.


We are actively investigating at this moment. You can track this issue.

Great news! Thanks.

Hi All,

Just thought I’d let you know this shipped as part of Octopus Deploy 3.5:

Hope that helps!


I’ve read the documentation at

But it’s lacking one thing. The behavior described makes the Octopus server create (local) User Accounts if one doesn’t exist for an Azure AD user logging in.

In our Team City environment, using the plugin mentioned in another comment, there is an option to disable this auto registration. We’d like a behavior in the Octopus Deploy integration where it will only log in users that have been precreated in OD, and issuing a 403 if an Azure AD user that doesn’t have a corresponding Octopus Deploy Userr Account tries to log in.

Is this possible? Is it just missing in the documentation?

Hi Henning,

Thanks for getting in touch! I had a chat to the developers about this and I think the best option at the moment is to run this through UserVoice to see what kind of community support we have.
We have started doing some more foundation work in this area but currently this is not in our immediate scope.

I have created a UserVoice suggestion that you can vote on and comment with your thoughts.

Let me know what you think.

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