AWS Route 53 Step Template


I have a few questions regarding the AWS Route 53 step template setup. Currently I would like to implement this feature in Octopus Deploy to automate the process of creating the DNS Record in Route 53. My questions are about the resource record address. What should this address be?


Hi Brian,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Unfortunately, as this is a community step template and not one of Octopus’ official steps, this is not something we can provide direct support for, other than reviewing the help text provided from the step template’s library page itself:

Resource Address
The Address (IP or Domain Name) of the Resource you would like the Resource Record to point to. For example: (e.g. A Record) (e.g. CNAME Record)

You can also review the code directly (on that page above) down in the “Script body” section (see the “Show script” link), as this allows you to see exactly what this step template is doing behind the scenes in PowerShell.

If that doesn’t help, our recommendation would be to contact the author of this step template directly from their GitHub page (which in this case looks to be as they’ll be best suited to advise on their step’s use.

Sorry we can’t be of more help.