Automatically Deploy Package


I’m trying to get Octopus version Octopus 3.12.4 to automatically deploy a package. I’m using TFS as the build server which is creating a new package and pushing it to Octopus (see attached image “New Version Uploaded.png”). I have Octopus automatic release created enabled (see attached image “Release Creation Setup.PNG”).

The release is being created (see attached image “New Deploys Created.PNG”). I have setup an Auto Deploy step (see attached image “Trigger Setup.PNG”).

However the deploys are not automatically being run. When a build is triggered in TFS I want it to be packaged and then deployed to the server automatically. I cannot figure out what I’m doing wrong or what I’m missing.

Thanks for any assistance.



Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out! A few comments about your setup:

It seems like your Automatic Deployment Trigger (ATD) will only trigger when:

  • A Machine is enabled.
  • A machine is found healthy after a health check.
  • A machines is found to be unhealthy after a health check.

If you want a deployment to trigger to all the machines in an environment as soon as a package arrives, you could do it like this:

A) [Recomended] Using only TFS steps. Instead of using Automatic Release Creation (ARC) and triggers, simply have 1 step in your TFS process that creates and deploys the release. If you are using TFS 2015 or 2017, you can use our plugin which will enable you a few new steps to achieve what I’m mentioning here:

B) Set your lifecycle to automatically deploy to an environment when the releases reaches a phase. Instead of using Triggers, go to your lifecycle and add an environment to the first phase as “Deploy as soon as the release enters this phase” (See screenshot). When the release gets created, it reaches the first phase of the lifecycle by default, which will trigger the deployment.

tip: if you already have the environment on the first phase of the lifecycle, you will have to remove it and re-add it to see the options on the screenshot

Hope that helps!

Hi, I followed B) and it worked perfectly. Thanks for the assistance!