Automatic Release Creation

Hello Octopus Team,

I am currently performing a POC which I will be presenting to my client and do need some clarifications regarding the Automatic Release functionality.

Importing Nupkg and creating release using Octo.exe doesn’t have the Automatic Release functionality available on the process. Can I use Nupkg for Automatic release creation?


Hi Himanshu,

Thanks for reaching out.

When you say Automatic Release, are you referring to this feature in Octopus?

If that’s the case, then all you need to do to trigger an Automatic Release Creation (ARC), is to:

  • Enable such setting on your project and select a Package Deploy step as trigger
  • Push a package with the ID of the selected step to the Octopus built-in feed. Please keep in mind that ARC only works with Octopus’ built-in feed.

Please take a few minutes to carefully read the ARC doc on the link above.

Now about this phrase: Importing Nupkg and creating release using Octo.exe doesn't have the Automatic Release functionality available on the process

  • What do you mean by Importing Nupkg? could you please show us how exactly are you doing this? (running a specific command perhaps or from the web UI?)

  • Octo.exe is a command line tool that, among many things, allows you to create a new release for your projects. What I don’t understand is if you want to create a release using Octo.exe or using ARC. There’s no need to use both at the same time to create releases.


Hello Dalmiro,

Thanks a lot for your reply.
Importing Nu pkg represents pushing the feed into octopus using Octo Push command. Basically I am following the process as:
a) pushing my package for Project “A” using "Octo Push"
b) Creating a process manually.
c) Created a release for the first time as I wasn’t getting the option for ARC.
d) Deployed the release to the newly created life cycle.
e) Again created the package for the project “A” and using Octo push I did publish the package only.
f) As the ARC was enabled this time it automatically did deploy to the environment.

My question is do I need to create a release the release for the Item “B”&“C”(mentioned in points) manually ?


Hi Himanshu,

The ARC feature will enable itself only after you add a Package Deploy step to your deployment process that uses the Octopus Built-in feed as package source.



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