Automatic release creation not working

I have just started a trial of Octopus Deploy and have encountered a problem using the Automatic Release Creation feature. I have a very simple project set up with just a single step in the deployment process for a NuGet package. I have Automatic Release Creation enabled but when I push my package repository nothing happens. I can’t see any log information anywhere so I don’t have anything to go on. Any ideas?

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for getting in touch! Could you send us a screenshot of your deploy step configuration and another one from your Deployment process screen?



I have the same problem.

So TeamCity pushes a nuget package and that is defined on the process step to automatically create a release. Not sure why it’s not creating the release.

I have attached my screenshots showing the single step process which just deploys a package to IIS.

Hi Diogo,

The problem on your scenario is that you are using a variable as package ID, which is currently not supported for Automatic Release Creation. We have a uservoice suggestion for it, please feel free to put some votes into it if you want to see this on upcoming versions



Hi Stephen,

Sorry for the delay on my answer. Can you confirm that the package reaches the built-in repository? Could you also try to upload a package and then send us your Octopus server logs (at C:\Octopus\logs on a default install)?

I’ll touch base with one of our devs and get back to you on this. On the meantime if you can send us this info it’ll be really appreciated.




I can confirm the package appears in the package list when I publish using the /p:RunOctoPack=true /p:OctoPackPublishPackageToHttp=… arguments to my msbuild command. Strangely it does not seem like anything is logged to my C:\Octopus\Logs folder. There are files in there but none have a modified date of today. I can still send them through if that would be useful.


Thank you Dalmiro. I managed to solve it by specifying the package manually.

Some additional information, it appears the release creation is working because I have just viewed the “releases” tab for my project and I can see I have releases corresponding to when I published my packages. However, it doesn’t do a deployment. Am I missing something obvious? I thought I had followed the documentation properly but perhaps I haven’t.

Right, found it! My lifecycle wasn’t set to automatically deploy to the dev environment. I’ve changed this and it works :slight_smile:

As a bit of feedback, I think the documentation could be a little clearer on lifecycles as they do confuse me slightly. Also, I had a problem where my package wasn’t deploying because I hadn’t updated the version number, but I was just getting a “bad request” error back which wasn’t very helpful. Octopus does look like a good tool though, worth persevering with I think.

Hi Stephen,

Glad you got it working! The bad request error when deploying a package with the same ID and Version is a response from NuGet. Not the most helpful error message and sadly there’s nothing we can do about it.

What part of the Lifecycles documentation did you find confusing? This kind of feedback help us a lot to improve our docs, so thanks a lot!


I think with lifecycles it’s just the fact there is quite a lot of terminology - a lifecycle can have phases and then each phase can have one or more environments. It wasn’t immediately obvious to me how you would just set up a simple “automatically deploy to my dev environment when a release is created” process, which I think would be a fairly common use case. Perhaps just giving a few more example lifecycles would make things a bit clearer.