Automatic Release Creation not working


I’m trying to use the “Automatic Release Creation” feature, which I enabled in my project. I chose the step with the package that is uploaded last. I also use the built-in NuGet repository. However, whenever I push new packages on the feed, no new release is created for my project. I can see my packages in the Library tab.

Any clue?


Hi David,

Thanks for getting in touch and for describing you scenario meticulously :). You do seem to have setup everything just fine. Could you send us you Octopus Server logs for analysis? On a default install they should be on C:\Octopus\Logs




Thanks for getting back so quickly!

I just checked the log files, and it seems my issue is caused by the fact that one of my package name is from a variable. It does not seem to be supported right now, as per :

The reason I use a variable for the package name is that I made a custom step template of type “Deploy a NuGet package” that is re-used a couple of times in my deploy process. I cannot create the step template without providing the package name… I first assumed that the package name could have been specified in the step itself instead of the step template. Since it’s not the case, I used a variable for which the value is provided by each step that used the template.

Can you suggest a better approach?

I took the same approach. Has there been any resolution?

Oh wow, I have exactly the same issue. I hope the suggestion is under dev review.
For now I will modify my nuget push script to also execute Octo.exe and create the release at that moment. Not great but it is a workaround. Here a link from octopus documentation if you are interested: