Automatic Release Creation not firing into lifecycle

Hi all,

We have TeamCity pushing a package to Octopus 3.11.1 via octo.exe. We have automatic release creation enabled on the project, which is firing correctly. We have the default lifecycle with only one environment in it, with one tenant from that environment tied to the project. As in Dalmiro’s comment 2 from, the default lifecycle is set to deploy automatically to this environment as soon as the release enters this phase. However, after the release is automatically created, the lifecycle never fires, and no deployment is made.

I would use a trigger with an event group such as “deployment target is available for deployment” per, but attached is the list of our available event groups.

Vern DeHaven

Hi Vern,

We currently do not support auto-deploy environments for projects that require a Tenant, we have this GitHub issue to support this scenario.

In the meantime the above issue has a workaround that should hopefully get you up and running again.

The screenshot on the docs page looks to be out-of-date as the Deployment target is available for deployment has been renamed to Machine becomes available for deployment.

I hope that helps!

Thank you and best regards,

Hi Henrik,

The workaround worked for us, thank you. TeamCity is now deploying to the tenant.

I would like to up-vote sarbis’ comment on that issue, as we would like to eventually have the ability to filter tenants for auto-deploy. The separation of concerns is also ideal, of course.

Thanks for continuing to produce such a great product!


Hi Vern,

Great to hear that you got it all working!