Auto-update step in all projects after changing step template

I want to use template-all model, where all projects consists only of step templates, to provide central management of deployment process. But when i modify step template, I need to manually go into every project and into step and click “update”.

I think it would be better to use TeamCity model, where template can only be inherited and not changed inside project, or cloned from template if changes needed. Or provide the ability to one-click update all steps that uses the template (even better ask for it after click on Save button).

Thanks for the feedback Igor. We have this in our 2.5 issue list to investigate soon.

Not sure where to go to “vote” for an issue, so I’m commenting here to add support for this.

I’m going to end up with 30+ projects, all using the exact same setup consisting entirely of imported Step Templates. A “Project Template” feature would be hugely helpful; failing that, I need some way of auto-refreshing all imported steps or at LEAST some way to see which projects have outdated steps. (Like maybe a warning bubble when cutting a deployment package)

Hi All,

Thanks for the suggestion!

I have created this as a UserVoice entry:

Please go and promote this idea, vote and comment.

There is a change coming in 2.5 that will allow you to see any projects that use a template that has been modified see the following issue:

It’s a start, but lets see if we can get the full solution implemented!



I’d like to add my voice to this. Very much interested in the full auto update feature.

It’s very tedious to update a deployment that has a lot of steps!

Please advise on this, if we can get it soon!


Forum +1, and ‘upvoting’ will be lost. Please use the UserVoice link below.
We do not consult the forums for feedback or ideas, that is what UserVoice is for!


Thanks Vanessa.

Can you help me with this? It’s urgent.

Vanessa Love wrote: