Auto Trigger in an elastic environment

We’re using auto deployments with AWS infrastructure.

Auto Trigger doesn’t work well with Auto Scaling situations due to it looking at a combination of requirements (Last deployed ‘and’ successful).

Here’s a scenario that doesn’t work well that we need to find a solution to:

  • Server fleet in AWS has app version 1.0 deployed successfully
  • An Autoscaling event in AWS creates a new server that loads itself into Octopus env & the deploy project
  • Auto Trigger picks up the new machine and executes a deploy
  • Either a transient or real failure occurs in either the new machine to build either through AWS or a simple dependency failure
  • Autoscaling is now unable to function due to Auto Deploy/Trigger not working as the last deploy is seen as a failure. This is despite the rest of the fleet serving up that same working deployment & version of code.

We would like to have Auto Trigger work better with Auto scaling. Probably by not marking a failed re-deploy of a previously successful version of code, so that it can retry during an auto scaling event.

Hi John,

Thanks for getting in touch and your input on how you would like to use auto-deploy triggers. Currently this is a limitation with the functionality. During an auto-deploy, it re-runs the same deployment task. If the same deployment failed prior to auto-deploy, it won’t be considered a viable deployment option.

We agree that it should be able to handle your kind of scenario, and we have started looking into options to address this limitation. Specifically in scenarios like yours where a deployment was successful at some point in the past, and to not fail the auto-deployment if the same deployment failed.

You can follow the GitHub issue we’ve opened to address this:

To mitigate any issues, an option we think you may like to consider is to set up a subscription with an email or webhook notification for when your projects have a deployment failure. This is a way to help you be sure when issues have occurred, and you can go back in and redeploy it again to make it continue.

I’m sorry it’s not better news! Don’t hesitate to reach out again if you have any further questions or concerns.


You guys provide next level awesome support. Thank you!

Hi John,

Thank you for the kind words, it’s always great to hear! Let us know if you have any further questions at all :slight_smile:

Kind regards,