Auto trigger a deployment to next phase of lifecycle

Hi Team,

We are looking to achieve automated deployments from Octopus to every environment in the lifecycle based on the output from the 1st stage of the lifecycle.

We are using Octopus 3.2.1, in a particular step in Octopus we read a file from Powershell and write it to a temporary variable. The value of that variable (e.g. $Result) will be either “Passed” or “Failed”. We want to trigger the deployment to the next phase/stage only if the value is set to “Passed”, else it should not proceed to the next environment. For instance, if my lifecycle has 2 stages (DEV-UAT), and during the deployment of DEV the value of the variable was set to “Passed” then it should automatically trigger the deployment on the next stage of lifecycle i.e UAT.

Please let us know if it would be possible to configure this through Octopus. Thanks in advance.


Could someone please help out here?

Hi Sohil,

Thanks for getting in touch, your patience is greatly appreciated.

Based on the information provided in your query, this should be achievable with the use of Run Conditions on the subsequent steps of the deployment process that execute based on the output variable result of the first step of the Deployment process.

I’m unsure if you’re current Octopus version has the option for Conditions within the steps as I believe this was introduced in version 3.15.1

I’d recommend looking into upgrading your Octopus version to utilize this feature, if you’d like to trial this I would recommend signing up for a Trial license on our website and setting up a Test Instance to see if this satisfies your goals.

If you do opt to upgrade, however, please ensure a backup of your database and master key is taken for rollback purposes.

I hope this helps!

If you require any further assistance or clarification, please let me know :slight_smile:

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