Auto register Linux SSH clients

Hello there, I have recently started using Ocotopus Deploy for my dev environment. I was a heavy user with v2 in a prior company and am now enjoying v3 in my current role.

My dev environment includes 2 AWs hosted linux environments. Part of their deployment includes a chef script that performs various tasks. As part of this, I want to have the auto registration as SSH clients to the Octopus server included.

I have successfully done this in the past with Windows clients via powershell, For Linux, I am looking at bash as what I see being the the best option. I unfortunately have zero experience doing so. Does anyone have any prefabbed bash scripts to perform this task?

You can use the Octopus API to achieve this. There is an example here that uses PowerShell, which I am sure you could easily rewrite in python or bash.


As Josh said we have PowerShell examples, but also in our experience we use PowerShell ourselves for these features on Linux very successfully.
You may not have to resort to bash :slight_smile:


Too right you are Vanessa. PowerShell on Linux is pretty great!