Auto-refresh the task page if it's currently running

When I deploy I’ve been watching the deployment output to make sure things are moving along correctly. I’m usually sitting there refreshing the page to get new content. It would be great if this would auto-refresh if it’s running ( similar to teamcity’s log )

Hi Nathan,

I do exactly the same thing! I’ll definitely fix it soon.


Just to add to this, personally I would prefer if it only updated the specific elements of the page that needed updating. The home page auto-refreshes the whole page and I find this a little annoying if it have it open in a browser tab because I can see it refreshing. To be fair the deployment output page would probably be fine if it refreshed the whole page because you tend to move away from that page when the deployment is finished.

This is a nice to have of course! :slight_smile:

Hi Nathan/Stephen,

You can monitor the progression of this suggestion, and vote for it, on the Trello board: