Auto-Deploy trigger deployed an incorrect version of project (downgraded our application)

Hi Octopus Support,

We’ve just encountered something which looks like a critical bug.
We have a project which was deployed to the STAGE environment:

  • Release was deployed to 4 web nodes on August 1 (it was one deployment to all 4 nodes)
  • Release was deployed to 4 web nodes on August 2 (it were 2 deployments: one to nodes 1&3, another to nodes 2&4)

The project has an Auto-Deploy trigger set to fire on event group “Machine becomes available for deployment”.

On August 4, the trigger fired and deployed the old version - - to all 4 web nodes.
Please investigate this urgently, this is a huge showstopper. We are now disabling all the triggers in all our projects.

This is cloud instance


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Hi Jakub,

Thanks for getting in touch! I’m very sorry to hear you’re hitting this unexpected behavior with your auto deploy trigger. I’ve responded to the email sent by Tomasz who has provided consent to investigate in your Octopus instance, and we can continue the discussion in there to ensure private communication. :slight_smile:

Best regards,


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