Auto Deploy Release to Environment based on deploying to another environment

I’m trying setup a process that will Auto Deploy a Release to T01 environment when a change is deployed to QA environment. I don’t seem to be able to get it to work Or I’m misunderstanding what Auto Deploy is for.

Here’s What I have done:
I have created a TEST project that has the following Trigger:
Hello Trigger
Automatically deploy when Machine enabled in the environments QA for any role

The Test project has single script step that just says “Hello”

I’ve amended the T01 Environment in “Base Test Environment” Life Cycle to have the setting “Deploy automatically to this environment as soon as the release enters this phase”.

I have also ensure that T01 Environment does have an initial release.

I run Deploy Release to QA and I’m not seeing any Task to deploy the release to T01.


Doc7.docx (124 KB)


Thanks for getting in touch! I’m not positive I fully understand your scenario, so please correct me and clarify if I assume incorrectly at any point. :slight_smile:

Are you wanting your release to be automatically promoted to your QA environment once it has been successfully deployed to T01? I see your QA environment is already set to automatically be deployed to once the release hits that lifecycle phase, so that should occur once you initially create your release (as it’s the first environment in the lifecycle). You can enable this same feature in T01, which will auto promote the release to that environment after it has been deployed to QA without the need of triggers.

Auto deploy triggers are designed to address intermittently available machines, or auto-scaling when adding more machines. They’re machine-focused, so if your machines are static, you won’t necessarily need triggers. In your current trigger, the event you’ve chosen is the Machine Enabled event, which would trigger an existing (and already successfully deployed) release to deploy when enabling a new machine in the environment. Is this what you’re after?

One thing to note (as I notice your lifecycle phases are optional), which may very well be contributing is a known issue we have, where optional lifecycle phases are giving an error when creating releases, and when trying to promote existing releases through the lifecycle. Making this phase not optional may be something to test out to see if it fixes it for you. Check out my screenshot showing how to make this phase required to progress. You can also refer to this issue.

Let me know how you go, if this helps, and feel free to clarify anything. I’ll be happy to reassess to help you reach the best solution. :slight_smile:

Best regards,