Auto Deploy Overrride

Hi Guys,
I must be not understanding the Auto Deploy Override functionality correctly. At the moment we use Auto-deploy triggers within our cloud based environment. All works well granted that the latest release is successful. If so it, of course, will re-deploy that version to a new instance that has come online. If there is an error with a specific deployment and it’s in a failed state then the machine will never receive the deployment. This works as intended.

So I decided to create an AutoDeploy Override Trigger so that on each successful deployment it will set the current release as an auto-deploy trigger. I did this in hopes that if a deployment had failed and a new instance came online it would be able to pull the latest successful deployment. However, it still attempts to pull the most recent release which is blocked since it’s in a failed state.

The output from creating the auto-deploy override:

Finding project: blah Webservice
Finding release
Finding environment: Testing
Auto deploy will deploy version of the project blah Webservice to the environment Testing

Then after the instance comes back online and the auto deploy is triggered:
Auto-deploy trigger is blocked from deploying for Blah Webservice release to blah.instance

Looks like this was a bit temperamental at first and then just started working as intended after a few runs. Very strange. but its working as intended now!

Hi Flynn,

Thanks for getting in touch! I am glad that it appeared to just start working as expected. I just wanted to give a bit of information about the triggers deployment timing.
Every 30 seconds an event checks for machines that have a changed status - and puts them into a queue if they have a valid release. A deployment is triggered at the end with the list of machines, however it will only run if no other deployment for that project to that environment is currently running. So if you had a deployment running and the queue built during this time it potentially had already excluded any machines that came online during that time before the override could have been set.
From now it should work as you had hoped, I just wanted to give a little bit of information as to why it behaved this way.