AuthorizationManager check failed with IISWebsite_BeforePostDeploy.ps1

Hi Everyone,

I’m having problems with the IISWebsite_BeforePostDeploy.ps1. It keeps giving me the “AuthorizationManager check failed” error anything time I try to do my deployments to my Dev server.

It deploys the files and creates the App pool with all the necessary folders and files from my package. The only problem is the error message which makes my build turn orange color and instead of the green success button.

Another major thing is that, Its not able to convert my the Website into a Web Application.

Please I’m spent hours trying to fix but to no avail. Your help would be very much appreciated. Attached is the log from the release.


ServerTasks-398.log.txt (6 KB)


Thanks for your message!

As to the IISWebsite AuthorizationManager error that you are seeing, a quick google points me at articles like this that talk about permissions:
Hopefully that will help you resolve that issue.

As for the conversion of website into a web application could you provide a bit more details about what you are trying to do exactly. Could you give us a run through of what you have, want to do and what you want it to end up as! We will hopefully be able to provide some pointers.


Thanks Vanessa.

I resolved this by just changing some variables and this solved the problem but it’s not a permanent fix.