Authorization using Active Directory groups doesn't seem to work


We’ve started using the new Active Directory integration feature that allows you to add an Active Directory group to an Octopus Team, but unfortunately it’s not working, i.e. users that belong to the Active Directory group are not granted the permissions associated to the Team which contains said Active Directory group.

According to our IT Support guys this is a “Distribution” group and not a “Security” group (see attached image). Could that be the reason Octopus is not handling it properly. If that were the case then I would expect Octopus to prevent me adding the group to the Team with some meaningful error message, e.g. “This is a Distribution group. Only Security groups can be added to a team”.




Thanks for getting in touch!

You are correct, Octopus Deploy does not support Distribution groups.
We do have a current issue to ‘hide’ showing distribution groups which you can track here:

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.



Thanks for your help. Converting the distribution group into a security group did the trick. I hope the issue you linked to gets resolved because although the current behaviour makes sense it can be confusing if you can select a Distribution Group.