Auditing Lifecycles - lastmodifiedby/LastModifiedOn is missing

Good day team,

there seems to be a bug, that once you modify the lifecycle, it doesn’t record who did it and then. It doesn’t return via api anything for LastModifiedOn or lastmodifiedby. I’'m using 3.7.7 version currently

Could you please check this.



Thanks for getting in touch! I’m sorry for the delay in getting back to you here. I reverted my VM to Octopus version 3.7.7 and tried to test this out and see what was going on. However, my instance was showing the modification of the Lifecycles in the audit log. (VIA the UI)

Are you able to confirm that you can see the event changing VIA the UI?

I had a chat to the developer about the API here, it looks like LastModifiedOn and LastModifiedBy are for the events document itself, no the individual Lifecycle modification event. If you searched http://YOUR-OCTOPUS-SERVER/api/events you should get a full list of events.

A snippet of me editing the Lifecycle is below. As seen on the /api/events page.

      "Id": "Events-34",
      "RelatedDocumentIds": [
      "Category": "Modified",
      "UserId": "Users-21",
      "Username": "test",
      "IdentityEstablishedWith": "Session cookie",
      "Occurred": "2017-04-07T02:50:09.211+00:00",
      "Message": "Lifecycle Secondary was modified",
      "MessageHtml": "Lifecycle <a href='/r/Lifecycles-21'>Secondary</a> was modified",
      "MessageReferences": [
          "ReferencedDocumentId": "Lifecycles-21",

Which refers to the following myserver/api/lifecycles/Lifecycles-21

You should be able to use Username and Occurred but LastModifiedOn or LastModifiedBy will not be available.

Let me know if this helps or if you have any further questions here.

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Hi Daniel,

thanks for getting back to me.

The problem i find with audit log that it’s hard or impossible to track the needed event. How should i search for lifecycle changes for example? In filters i have nothing similar to it. Change happened some time ago, where i don’t know when exactly and by whom. I just know the lifecycle name, so how should i filter this particular lifecycle change event to find all changes related to it?

I find that lifecycle changes and many more fall under Document modified/created/deleted events, so it’s bunch of data and not possible to really use it.

I think it would be really helpful if you could make audit filtering/searching more useful as we always find it hard and time consuming to find the needed event/change who did it and when



Thanks for getting back! This is something we have added to the list to look into changing. We are going to look at options and work on providing some more useful search options/refinements here.
Unfortunately I can not give you an ETA on this, however, I will forward your thoughts to the developers to take into consideration when we look into this.

Let me know if you have any further questions :slight_smile:

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