Audit Filtering

When going to the audit tab and using the filtering by user / project / environment, the filtering is using the ‘OR’ operator, instead of ‘AND’.

For example, if I sort by ProjectA and EnvironmentB, I get any audit logs that affected ProjectA or EnvironmentB. If ProjectA was deployed to EnvironmentC, I see that. If ProjectD was deployed to EnvironmentB, I see that.

This causes real issues when we try to gather info from the audit log filtering by project and environment. It’s an important step that we can easily track projects deployed to environments, and it seems the current method audit filtering makes that impossible. Is this intended?

Hi Chris,

Thanks for reaching out. Not really the intended behavior. We already have a github issue open for this one, but we just haven’t reached to it yet:

Sorry for the inconveniences.


Sorry about that, I usually try and check GitHub prior to posting. Thanks for the link.