Attempting to contact to find latest CLI tools

Hello team

We have update the extensions on the TFVC/TFS 2017 (On Prem) to 3.022
When using the extension Package and Create a release v 3.0 we get the following:
We dont have internet connection both Octopus and TFVC/TFS 2017
V2.0 works fine

2019-04-08T11:58:31.8300032Z ##[section]Starting: Package ProjectWeb
2019-04-08T11:58:31.8300032Z ==============================================================================
2019-04-08T11:58:31.8300032Z Task : Package Application
2019-04-08T11:58:31.8300032Z Description : Package your application into a NuPkg or Zip file.
2019-04-08T11:58:31.8300032Z Version : 3.0.222
2019-04-08T11:58:31.8300032Z Author : Octopus Deploy
2019-04-08T11:58:31.8300032Z Help : Version: 3.0.222. More Information
2019-04-08T11:58:31.8300032Z ==============================================================================
2019-04-08T11:58:33.0331483Z Attempting to contact to find latest CLI tools
2019-04-08T11:58:34.0644103Z ##[error]Error: unable to verify the first certificate
2019-04-08T11:58:34.0644103Z ##[error]Failed to execute octo pack command. unable to verify the first certificate

Task : Create Octopus Release
Description : Create a Release in Octopus Deploy
Version : 3.0.222
Author : Octopus Deploy
Help : Version: 3.0.222. More Information

SystemVssConnection exists true
96014aad-26f1-4b0b-a7b0-b22135098d94 exists true
Ignore SSL: true
Attempting to contact to find latest CLI tools
Error: Failed request: (401)
Failed to deploy release Failed request: (401)

Finishing: Create Octopus Release: Projects-4

Starting: Post Job Cleanup


Hi Ofer,

Thanks for getting in touch!

You should be able to get around this by registering Octo as a capability in TFS and/or adding an Octo Installer task to the start of your build definition.

That should stop TFS requesting external connections. If you have any follow up questions please let me know.


Hey Alex

Many thanks. I can see and add this step on Azure DevOps but can’t add this same task to our on-prem TFS2017, I have installed 3.022 extension version.
Can you please share a screen shot how to register Octo as a capability? I understand that octo tools
will need to be download from your site and save it to folder within the TFS server, and set the capability name and value.

Another thing I read in the article “Permissions Required by the API Key”, where do I exactly set permission on the API Key? As I understand it is generated via the user profile, if so it’s not exactly permission to the API Key, it’s the permission to the user who generated the API, Is that correct?

Many thanks

Dear Alex

Find this documentation : - Helped

But still need answer on the “Permissions Required by the API Key”, :slight_smile:


Hi Ofer,

You are correct that you will need to assign the permissions to the user that the API key is attached to, which I would recommend being a dedicated service account where possible. The Package Publisher role should be what you are looking for in this case.

Any further questions please let me know,


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