Attach artifact to a deployment (via API)

I am deploying using Octopus deploy to a Linux machine using raw scripting (bash).
I understand that by using the raw scripting method, I won’t have access to the bootstrap functions which will allow me to attach a file to a deployment.

I wanted to know if was possible to do this via the API. I have access to the API key, and I think I should be able to determine the release/environment/project and deployment using octopus variables and the rest API.

My deployment produces one or more test result files, and I was hoping that you could either provide or point me to an example of using a curl command to upload a file and attach it to a deployment as a deployment artifact.

I have had a go using postman, but can’t figure out how to do it via REST using the post method to /api/artifacts. I have also tried to do it via C# using the latest NuGET package, but was not successful either.


Hi Jason,

Thanks for reaching out. I’m afraid that’s not possible in the current state of Artifacts. Its not a bad idea though. Would you mind submitting it in Uservoice? If enough users back the idea, I can see it being implemented in some way.
It is possible to create an artifact associated to a release, just not a deployment. most of the documentation around the API can be found by going to /swaggerui

I hope that helps, let me know if you have any further questions.

Kind Regards,

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