Aspnet deployment. Any more detail on these steps?


I have just installed octopus and deployed an application. I don’t think I nuget packaged it correctly because it has created a lib folder instead of a bin folder, placed it in a different location and has not included dependent dlls.

So I was wondering how do you create a nuget package for a web project?

I was just doing this to create the nuget package:

nuget.exe pack MyProject.Web.csproj

I also tried using aspnet_compiler.exe to compile it first and that got me the same result.

So can anyone give step by step idiot proof instructions to creating the nuget package from the command line such that it can be deployed by octopus and work on the deployed machines.



Or to put the question another way:

On it says:

During your CI builds

1 Perform a Publish of the web project.
2 Add any Deploy.ps1 scripts if needed to the publish folder
3 Call NuGet.exe to turn the published website folder into a NuGet package

Step 3 needs a nuspec file. Anyone have an example of this?
Step 1 requires some command line util to do the job that you would manually do in Visual Studio. Is aspnet_complier.exe suitable.

I mean surely someone has successfully deployed a simple website using Octopus, right?

Hi Martin,

Creating packages that worked with Octopus was tricky, but hopefully the new OctoPack tool included as part of the latest Octopus release will help:

At the bottom it demonstrates how to get a “clean” ASP.NET package.

Let me know if you have any trouble with that approach!