ASP.NET 5 config sources

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For ASP.NET 5, config sources are changing. Web.config files will no longer be used for settings, instead replaced with .json files, .ini files and environment variables, at least out of the box.

Do you envisage the existing ‘replace variables in files’ feature be used to inject Octopus Deploy variables into these config sources — or are you planning a new feature?

Many thanks in advance.

Hi Matt,

Thanks for reaching out. Out of the box the “Replace Variables in files” will work. That said, we will for sure work on something around this change on ASP .NET 5. Stay tuned for posts about this in our blog in the future.



Any more information or guides regarding this?

Hi Niklas,

Thanks for getting in touch! Not particularly for ASP.NET 5 config files. If you can tell us a bit about your scenario and what do you need, we might be able to give you a hand.