Are you sure? - or similar confirmation

We have three basic environments that we are working with - DEV, TEST and PROD. This is probably fairly typical.

It just occurred to me that a “false move” in deploying the first two is relatively minor, whereby accidentally releasing to PROD can be a big problem.

Is there any way to setup an “are you sure?” or similar confirmation before releasing to a specific environment?

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Hi Michael,

Thanks for reaching out. You can add a Manual Intervention Step at the begining of your deployment process and only scope it to your PROD environment.

Hope that helps!


Great, will give that a try.

Re-opening this discussion because I realized the solution is not “fool proof”.

It’s easy enough to skip a step during deployment. So I want a manual intervention step that cannot be skipped.


Hi MIchael,

I’m afraid that’s not possible. If the user has enough permissions to reach the point where he can start a deployment, he’d also be able to skip steps.

Having a set of user roles to allow/prevent skipping steps before a deployment might not be a bad idea. If you’d like to see it implemented in future versions, please try submitting it in uservoice. If enough users vote for it, we will consider implementing it.