Archive Packages After Production Release for Rollbacks

Hi there,

We just encountered an issue in which Octopus wants to keep downloading a package from our TeamCity feed even though it was previously deployed. Problem is that the default cleanup policy in our TeamCity purged the version that went out to prod and we need that older package to redploy to our UAT in a rollback test. Is there a way to get it so Octopus (automatically) will store those packages internally for later redeployments, ideally when production is deployed, so that it can turn to these copies rather than going to the build server? I rather not change the cleanup policy in TeamCity, so looking for any guidance with regards to the Octopus server.


So small change to the discussion, I’m using the TeamCity hook you have to push packages on demand to the Octopus Library. While this is a decent work around, I still think the package artifacts should be stored in Octopus after a successful deployment for redeploys, with an option to redownload/store on demand.


Thanks for getting in touch. This is the reason that we recommend people use the internal Octopus package feed. It allows us to have complete control over package retention.

I invite you to raise your idea over at our Uservoice site ( if you think we could do more. We’ve made a commitment this year to implementing all highly voted Uservoice ideas.