Aquire Packages Failing


I have on Ocopus deployment that deploys about 12 nuget packages. If I run 3-4 of the deployments at a time it’s fine but if I try and run all of them I get the errors about the uppload of package failing because the hash does not match (see below). Is there a maximum number to the nuget packags I can/should be pushing in one deployment?

I’m using Octopus and my nuget packages are hosted in the package service in VSTS. Because of firewall issues my tentacles are all set up in polling mode. The nuget packages are all the V2 style packages.

C:\Octopus\PackageCache\feeds-1\PlatformWS.1.0.0-ci-20160616-190638_5129A360878DDD4E9B74A5D681E1D932.nupkg with hash 528d36c4883e2e23d034da2262f34074f0fc2781 to SQ-IADA-TCL-WEBA02-102C713D failed
The file corrupted during transfer. Expected hash: 528d36c4883e2e23d034da2262f34074f0fc2781, got hash: f67e6d799d315be7472e9dc06fca9292fd384efb

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Trevor,

Thanks for getting in touch! I am going to assume the version number was a typo and you are on, please correct me if I am wrong!
Could you send through the full deployment log for a deployment where this has occurred:

There is no issue with the number of packages, but we did have a bug where if you were attempting to send the same package in multiple steps it would attempt to send the file more than once and cause this issue. Is that the case?
If so you should be able to upgrade to our latest version and it should be fixed. If that isn’t the case I will need to see your task log.