"Apply retention policies" never finishes

In the “Tasks” area there is a task constantly running, called “Apply retention policies”

Text states: “This task started an hour ago and should have finished 1 hour ago”

It is trying to “Apply policy One month”

Looking back in my log, the previous attempt never ended:

“This task started 4 days ago and ran for 4 days” -> “The task timed out Fatal”

We have the same issue.

Interesting, thanks for letting us know. Is anyone able to send the “Raw” task log for the task, either by attaching it here or emailing support@ our domain?

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Raw log sent to that e-mail address.

I noticed the same on our environment, this is our setup.

  1. Environments: CI, TEST
  2. Retention Policy: 20 deployed releases

In a given day, we might create a couple of releases to CI in a day, and only deploy to TEST a couple of times a week.

Normally, the release that is deployed to TEST is the oldest. And since that is the case, the retention policy will try to delete it. But since it is still mapped to IIS, the task is stuck on trying to delete it.

Hope it makes sense, and will be addressed in a future build soon.

Thanks everyone, we’ve found the bug and will fix it in the next release.


This is now fixed:

I am seeing the same problem “Applying retention policies” never finishes, in version 3.2.1 But the reason is different. Log says it’s due to not being able to delete the files.
Should this perhaps just error out with this explanation? Or is there a setting our Octoadmins can configure to reduce the retry count and error out earlier.

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