Apparently uploaded packages not available at deploy step

We have this intermittent and recurring issue where the build seems to acquire the packages correctly upfront, but they are no longer available when the build step runs.

I can see that during the acquire packages phase for the machine that it acquires the package (or in some cases it’s reporting already required) but when the actual deploy step for the package runs it can no longer find that package. Checking these server’s .Tentacle cache shows there is no package it claims to have acquired.

The package does appear in the NuGet repo (we’re using the built-in Octopus NuGet repo).

Any ideas?

Update: It appears that this occurs when it thinks it may have already acquired the package. I can probably get around this for our automated deployment by forcing download, but it would be good to track this down.



Hi Robert,

Thanks for getting in touch! If you use the same package in multiple deployment steps for the same project (e.g., Deploy package A, … Deploy package A …) then there’s a bug in Octopus prior to 2.4.5 which causes retention policies to delete the package during the deployment, and thus preventing the second step from completing. Upgrading to Octopus 2.4.5 should fix the issue.

Hope that helps!