API Key is disappearing

I’m running Octopus Server 2020.1.17 and for the second time in as many weeks my API key has completely disappeared, breaking builds. I don’t have good steps to reproduce…

  1. Make an API key
  2. Use it
  3. Wait
  4. poof

I’m totally new to the Octopus Server world so I don’t know where the log files are to provide any additional troubleshooting information. The server is hosted on Azure and is backed up using Azure backups. I doubt that would be disruptive, but… maybe!?

Anyway, any assistance would be appreciated.

Hi @sforcie.pluto,

Thanks for getting in touch!

This does seem quite unusual.
Is the API being created under your user, or in a separate service account?

If you navigate to Configuration > Audit and filter on Document Type: API Key are there any entries for the deletion of the key?


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