Anyone using Git and Consul with OD?

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I’m looking at source controlled key/value storage of configuration data/variables. I want this to be held in source control (Git) as the single source of truth. This can then be shared to a number of services via Consul using its API. My idea is to to then pull in variable/configuration data at run-time from Consul to scripts called by Octopus Deploy.

Has anyone attempted anything like this and has it working or any suggested alternatives?

This is a proposed alternative to using stored variables in Octopus because they are not source controlled. I want scripts, variables, everything stored in our source of truth (Git). I also want all configuration in a YAML type format which can be interpreted by multiple tools within an entire deployment pipeline (including provisioning).

Relates to a couple of user voice submissions:


(Matt Richardson) #2

Hi Blair,

Thanks for getting in touch!

At the moment, we are not aware of anyone using Consul on this way, though I really like the idea. We do have customers storing variables in git, and using the REST API to keep Octopus in sync, but I dont believe anyone has published anything open source.

Personally, I’m a big fan of allowing Octopus to store configuration in git, and hope we can tackle it soon. For now, please add your votes to the uservoice suggestion, as we use that for prioritisation.

If you do end up putting something together with Consul, it’d be great if you could open source it - I’m a big fan of Consul, and I think it’d be a great resource for a lot of people.

Hope that helps!


(Blair Paine) #3

Thanks Matt.

I’ve voted up the uservoice suggestion at

However, I notice that the suggestion was forked off a previous suggestions so may not have the votes/attention it deserves. I hope that is factored in when looking at priorities.


(Matt Richardson) #4

Hi Blair,

Yep, we’ll definitely take that into account. Its definitely something I want to see happen, so I’ll be pushing hard.


(pat.d.oshea) #5

Blair, we are refactoring our octopus setup and what your talking about sounds really good. I’m hoping someone comes up with a solution to share. I know I will if I do come up with something.

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