Angular 2 Web App deployment

Hello I have an Angular 2 app that is ready to be deployed to production. I am trying to deploy it to a test server.

Currently I use TeamCity and an NPM plugin to build the project and create the dist folder, Can you give me any guidance on how to create a package from the created dist folder and deploy to the directory IIS loads the website from. I have tried looking at several threads but I can’t seem to make any headway so any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks for getting in touch! You mention that you have looked on threads but cannot find the information you need. Did you find our documentation site? There are many different methods you can use to package it depends on your needs. Generally there is nothing special about an Angular 2 app and we would either recommend OctoPack or Octo.exe pack. You can read about the different methods for packaging here:

We then have guides (and videos!) for our TeamCity integration: &

To deploy IIS we also have some great documentation pages:

Please let me know if you have any specific questions or issues :slight_smile: