[Amazon RDS SQL Server] - ReadyRoll nuget package on Amazon RDS SQL Server instance


I’m currently using Octopus Deploy as release platform but now I’ve a question regarding the deployment on Amazon RDS SQL Server database.

Our target databases are hosted in Amazon RDS SQL Server instances and I want to automate the database deployment with Octopus Deploy.

I plan to use the following steps :

  1. Create a Visual Studio .sqlproj project with “ReadyRoll” tool
  2. Build with TFS online
  3. Generate a Nuget package containing a SQL deployment script
  4. Deploy the database to an Amazon RDS SQL Server instance using Octopus Deploy

Could you let me know how I can deal with the last step (4) ?

Thanks in advance


I had the same - deploying to RDS instances. In the end I created another host with SQL Management Studio installed so I could run the deployment commands by installing the tentacle on that host. Not ideal but I don’t really see a way round this.



Andrew’s advice is correct - installing a Tentacle on the Octopus server will allow you to then run the NuGet package, and point it at Amazon RDS as the connection string. This page explains a bit more:

We’re doing some work in 3.3 which will make the Tentacle unnecessary, but for now this is the best way forward. Hope it helps!

Paul Stovell

Thank you all,

I will try that solution.