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Hello, mostly in our projects we have two steps with two different packages one for database migrations and second for application itself

All applications share same database so migrations package is also shared

Suppose we have two environments: test and prod and projects A, B and brand new C project

Brand new C project was deployed to test environment first time week ago now it is time to deploy it to production

But if we will deploy it as is it will deploy week old migrations package which might brake projects A and B

So the question is: is there a way to say to Octopus to always use latest available package for specific step

Thank you

I also need to know how to do this. I want to use the latest package. Not the latest package at the time of release creation, but the latest package at the time of deployment.

Hi Marchenko & Kelly,

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I appreciate the clear breakdown on this issue, this really helps out!

I’ve mulled this over and it’s definitely possible to manipulate the package version within the release, however, it is a manual process at this stage.

I’ve included some screenshots of the steps below;

In summary, you are able to edit the release and either choose Latest to get the latest package version as of right now OR you can elect to search through a list of previous versions if you wanted to get a version prior to latest depending on the circumstance.

Deploying the release to the next environment or re-deploying to an already deployed environment will ensure the chosen package version is used.

I can definitely see the value of having this as an automated process, however.

In this instance, I’d recommend heading over to the User Voice area of our website and leaving this as a request here. We consider all User Voices when planning our road map based on community support.

If you require any further assistance or clarification, please let me know :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!

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Thank you as you adviced I have reposted this to uservoice

@kellyr vote for this feature please so chances it will be implemented will be higher

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