All packages updated before auto-release

Our deployment configuration uses four nuget packages, three web sites and a database package. The deployment is using the automatic release feature to the dev environment. I am noticing that older versions of some of the packages are being used during a deployment. I assume because they have not been pushed to the repository yet. Is there a way to ensure all the packages are pushed before the automatic update is spawned. Or do I have to figure out which is the last package and use that as the trigger (which seems error prone as well)?

Actually I am noticing that some of the packages are two versions back, so I really don’t understand how the packages is selected for a new release for each package step. Running Octopus 3.2.20

I think a small delay could be very useful here (settable parameter)

Checking through the build log I discovered which package is created last and am using that to spawn the automatic release. The database package was being built in a post build step. I had to move that to a pre-build step so the package is uploaded in time.


Thanks for reaching out. The Automatic Release Creation (ARC) will trigger as soon as Octopus notices the “trigger” package was pushed to the repository. The possible workaround for your scenario are:

  1. Confifure your build process in a way that you make sure the “trigger” packages gets pushed last.

  2. Disable ARC in your project and add a build step that calls Octo.exe to trigger the release and deploy. This is my personal favorite because you can see the deployment log on the build after the octo.exe, allowing you to have a “central log” (build + deployment). You can also configure this step in a way that it is only executed after all the previous steps were successful (this would mean your 4 packages were created successfully).

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Thank you Dalmiro. I like the idea of running octo.exe from the build. Do you have an example of this? Since Octopus is running on a separate machine I am not exactly sure how to go about this.


Totally forgot to include the link for Octo.exe. My bad!

Pay special attention to create-release which can help you create the release and deploy it on the same cmd line call. If for some reason you’d like to first create the release and then deploy it, use create-release first and then deploy-release.

You would need to have Octo.exe in a place accessible by your build server.

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