All bindings on all projects disabled

Not sure when this happened but every project using a variable in the IIS binding enabled option is now an empty checkbox. It’s possible this is only a UI bug as I noticed it when I modified bindings on an existing project. I was running 3.3.1 so I upgraded to 3.3.3 to see if there was a fix but no luck. It looks like after setting the binding variables back up everything stays good. I’m hoping you guys can provide a fix so we don’t have to go through all of the projects. Let me know if there is any additional information I can provide.


Thanks for reaching out. In 3.3 we released a fix for a sensitive variables issue that was quite rough, which also touched the bindings in a way

Now that you are in 3.3.3, can you provide steps to reproduce this in a project? If we are able to reproduce this consistently, we can file a bug for it.