Aggressive retention policy

After a deployment of our services has gone through, the retention policy seems to apply and remove configuration files and settings from our first service directory.

Service1 deploys
Looking at the directory after install, can see Service1.exe.config, Nlog.config
Service2 deploys
Service3 deploys (end of deployment)

Looking back at Service1 on the tentacle. Service1 is still running. ALL older releases were removed. Service1.exe.config and nlog.config from the currently installed service are removed.

Our retention policy was to keep 10 deployments on tentacles.

Service2 and Service3 are intact, but all older deployments for them are removed.

I can’t delete the retention policy because it tells me it’s in use by our Project, but setting it to keep all files removes the problem.


Thanks for the post. What are service 1, 2 and 3? Are they all the same NuGet package or different packages? Are you using the “custom installation directory” feature in your step definitions?


They are different Nuget packages and we are not using the Custom installation directory.


Would you be available to do a screen sharing session with me to show the problem and try and find a solution? My Skype is paulstovell but let me know if you prefer a different screen sharing solution.


Yes, I can do a screen share. I’ve added you as a contact. Skype works well for screen sharing.