After upgrading to octopus deploy 3.5.7 my azure web deploy steps are gone in releases

Hello After i upgraded to new version of octopus deploy my deployment steps for my azure web app deployment are gone. Please help

All i did was upgrade the version from 3.3.1 i belive it was.


Thanks for getting in touch and I’m sorry to hear you have run into this issue!

Could you try and do a Ctrl-F5 on that page and see if that clears the issue, it looks like it might be a JavaScript caching issue that we’ve seen before but in different areas of Octopus.

If that doesn’t fix it, could you open the browser developer tools and let us know if there are any errors reported in the console?

Thank you and best regards,

I tried F5 but that did not help. And i had to roll back to the prev snapshot on the virtual machine. As i had problems with other projects and could not deploy new releases.