After upgrading from to, Task logs are blank


After upgrading from to, I’ve noticed that task logs are blank for previously existing deployments.
I’ve seen there’s been a problem with that in RTM version (, looks like some background process retrieves the logs file… But in my case, after 2 hours, tasks are not back.
Is there any workaround for this? We need to keep the detailed deployments history.


Thanks for getting in touch.

We haven’t changed the task log format coming from 3.1 to 3.4, you should be seeing task logs straight away.

Can you view the raw logs by going to the Task Log tab and clicking the Raw link?

Are task logs working for new deployments?


Hi Shane,

In 3.4.0 I can see raw longs, but not with the whole text, see attachment “task log. 3.4.0. Raw logs.PNG”. Therefore, no info is shown in the Task Log tab, see attachment “task log. 3.4.0. No task logs.PNG”

The very same deployment, in 3.1.1, does show logs. See attachment “task log. 3.1.1. Showing tasks logs.PNG”.

On new deployments, I haven’t been able to test it, due to the issue raised in a private discussion (ref #47262)





Hi Gustavo,

Thanks for sending the additional information.

Would you mind trying a hard refresh (CTRL-F5 in Chrome) or viewing the task logs in another browser? The rendering has changed in 3.4, my guess would be you still have the 3.1 portal loaded in your browser.

If that doesn’t work, would you mind sending one of your task logs? They are usually located in C:\Octopus\Server\TaskLogs. Send to with attention Shane and I will investigate further.

Thank you.


Hi again Shane.

Apparently it was something with my browser. I had already tried a hard refresh, but after trying a brand new installed browser, it worked.

Good to know, though, that there were changes in rendering, I’ll need to inform people in my company just in case someone has the issue.




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