After Octopus upgrade, the servers crash each hour

After upgrading octopus from 2023.2.12046 TO 2023.3.13033 (, we are having some issues.

The initial upgrade went well (9 CST). We even did some deployments and confirmed functionality and connectivity. In the middle of the night (5 CST), the server went done and broke deployments.
I rebooted the nodes around 7 CST and everything came back online. During some new deployments after that (9 CST), the server crashed again.

I can send the whole logs if you allow me to upload, but I can send you some snippets for now. I seems like it could be some DB connection issue
SnippetsOfLogs.log (80.8 KB)

Sent an email to support since I see the note about this not being supported anymore

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