After migration to 3.0, deployment process using FTP is gone

I migrated in-place from 2.6 to 3.0, and when I migrated the data, I got the following error:

2015-07-27 11:01:31.8448      1 ERROR    Error importing DeploymentProcess '' (deploymentprocess-projects-131):
2015-07-27 11:01:31.8448      1 ERROR    Ftp package deployment steps are no longer supported, please remove them and create a new backup

The migration did complete, and the upgraded instance seemed to function, but now when I go to the project in question and click Process, Variables or Settings, I get an error:

The resource 'deploymentprocess-Projects-13' was not found.

No UI is visible, other than the navbars.

I’ve restored my 2.6 instance on another machine, so I can access the process as it was, but I don’t know how to restore the process without the FTP step, other than outright deleting the entire project, which is something I’d rather not do.

How to proceed?

Hi Erik,

Thanks for reaching out. Octopus 3.0 no longer supports the FTP step that existed on 2.6, reason why you are getting this error. To fix this, please go back to your 2.6 instance and manually remove that step from your project. Then create a new backup and re-migrate it to your 3.0 instance. The migrator will notice this change and it will overwrite the project to not include the FTP step.

Once you are able to edit your project’s deployment process back again from 3.0, you can use this Library step template that we made to keep supporting the few scenarios that still use FTP!/step-template/actiontemplate-upload-files-by-ftp



Hi Dalmiro,

That did the trick! Thanks a lot.