After manual deployment, can I update dashboard to display correct version without actually deploying?

Hi there,
I needed to manually deploy a version of our applications to production, by-passing octopus, as the release was not a “standard” release of this project. Understandbly, my dashboard now displays an incorrect deployed version for this product. Is there a way to update the dashboard with the correct version without doing an actual deployment? EG A “No-Op” deployment, or perhaps an API call I can make.

The release exists in Octopus (and actually has been deployed to other testing environments). I have tried to “Skip” all process steps that will run for Production environment, however the deploy dialog insists that at least one step must be enabled.

Is my only option to remove/change the applicable machine roles in the production environment so that the process steps don’t have a target they can run against.

Please note that this feature is also important for us from a Rollback point of view, as we would probably want to manually rollback a failed production deployment and indicate that a previous version is actually deployed and successful after we have cleaned up the pieces.

Hi Peter,

Thanks for getting in touch! Currently there is no way via the UI and nothing known in the API for adding a release that was not done by Octopus. After looking at what you need here, there are some options available to better handle this process in the future.

As for having at least one step enabled, you could have a simple script step at the end of your deployments which only runs when the previous step is not run. This could be a simple wait 1 second or a write-host which is run on the octopus server, and enabled when you need to push through an empty release.

Another such option is to use Channels with a custom Lifecycle that can deploy to any environment you need. It is not uncommon to have a hot-fix Channel in case you need to urgently push something to production.

We also have an older blog post which talks about some of our thoughts regarding Rollbacks which is worth checking out if you have not seen it yet.

Let me know what you think here or if you have any further questions I many not have answered.

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