Advice on migration from username/password to Active Directory

I’m about to start a migration of a soon to be 3.3 instance from Azure (username/password) to on-premises where I want to use Active Directory. Is there anything I need to be aware of as part of this transition?

I want going to use the import/export feature, although I could also just backup the SQL Azure database and restore on-premises as well. Is one more desirable that the other?

Hi Rory,

Thanks for getting in touch! We would actually suggest using a SQL backup instead of the import/export feature. You move the database first then when you install Octopus you connect to that database using the masterkey. It’s much a much smoother process. You will also need to account for the local files such as package repository, artifacts and server logs, these files will need to be moved from your Azure instance to your on-prem. (see File Storage on this doc page:

As for changing from userpass to AD there will be an issue if the usernames that were created do not match the PID the of the users in AD. It will not translate directly. You should be able to tell right away when changing to AD if it creates a new user for you. It is explained on this page (see switching between user/pass and AD

Let me know if you have any questions or I can explain anything further.

Thanks, I’ll give that a go when the VM’s are provisioned locally.