Administrator Account

I am thinking about using Octopus Deploy in conjunction with TFS 2013 and would like to demo it. I previously downloaded your software back in September, and was playing around with it, but the project got scrapped till now. I am now picking this back up again and can get to http://localhost/app#/ as a Guest but not as an Admin. Is there anyway to reset the admin password or can i uninstall and reinstall so I can create a new Admin user and demo your product?

Matthew Sullivan
Manager of Software Configuration
Reed Group, Ltd.

Thanks for responding! I found an article and was able to reset through the command line.

Hi Matthew,

I am glad you were able to find this in the documentation. If you need an extension on your trial to continue your preview of the software just email me at sales @ octopusdeploy dot com and we can make sure you have the time necessary to put it through it’s paces.