Additional Configuration transforms not working as of 3.2.8


we upgraded to 3.2.8 this morning to fix the System.Core issue.

however since then, i’ve noticed our config transforms are no longer working as expected.

We have a transform defined as
*.#{Octopus.Environment.Name}.xml => *.xml

which would for example transform FeedConfig.xml using the transform file FeedConfig.DEV.xml

this has been working for a long time without issue

as of 3.2.8 however we now have in the logs
Transforming ‘D:\Octopus\Applications\DEV\APP\1.0.3947-master\Config\FeedConfig.CT.xml’ using ‘D:\Octopus\Applications\DEV\APP\1.0.3947-master\Config\FeedConfig.DEV.xml’.

i.e. its transforming the wrong file and not attempting to transform the correct one meaning we now have the wrong config in our environments

this is now causing us a lot of problems with our deployments



a bit more information - i’ve just rolled back to 3.2.7 and it works as expected there - so its only the latest build that has the issue


Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for reaching out. Could you please send us a screenshot of the content of your package so we can see the names of your config/transform files to try to reproduce this?




We introduced a bug with wildcard xml configuration transforms in the last release, someone is looking at it today. You can follow the issue here:

Thanks for letting us know.


Hi Johnathan,

We have a fix for this in the next release but it won’t be put out until Monday (Brisbane time). Until then there is a workaround to use a more specific transform definition such as *.environment.xml => web.xml.

Warm Regards,


thanks for the quick turn around on this. that work around isn’t really suitable as we have a lot of environments. We are fine with 3.2.7 until the fix is released



i can confirm the issue has been resolved in 3.2.9

thanks for your quick turn around