Additional arguments for OctoPack in TeamCity Visual Studio (.sln) runner

I have a checkbox in my build runner named “Run OctoPack” which does what it should.
The build output contains, among binaries and other runtime files, debug files (pbd) and xml documentation needed by other parts of the build process.

Now including these files in the release makes no sense.
Excluding them from the build output is not possible since they are used by other parts of the build process.

Is there a way to pass additional arguments (like --include) to OctoPack from the VS solution runner or do I need to replace “Run OctoPack” with a separate command-line step running octopack.exe with arguments ?

Hi Oskar,

Thanks for getting in touch! You can use a NuSpec to define a list of files to ignore in your package.
Our documentation page explains a bit about this

You need to create a files area

And finally how to include other files when using OctoPack and a NuSpec

Hope this helps!

Aha. Thank you.

Oskar Emil Skeide