Adding Steps to Process


I tried to copy Jason object from below step but its not working, Copy to clipboard or show JSON is not letting me copy or view that JSON Object,

Also is there a way to easily add step templates something like directly choosing from octopus instead of going to library and importing.



Thanks for getting in touch! I’m sorry you’re not able to see or copy the JSON object for that template. It seems to be working as expected on my end. Are you seeing this behavior in other steps in the library? Are you able to see/copy the JSON object for this template in another browser and after clearing your current browser’s cache?

There is an easier way to add step templates! Octopus 3.7 introduced community library integration into the web portal which makes it quicker to add them. This can be done in your Library > Step Templates page. You can see an example in our documentation:

Let me know how you go, and if you have any further questions!

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