Adding NuGet feed with missing credentials

I’m playing around with Teamcity 7 RC and its NuGet feed, and stumbled upon some weird behavior when trying to add an authenticated feed with missing credentials (to see what would happen). Don’t know if the problem is caused by Octopus or TeamCity, but when clicking “Create” in the add feed dialog the API/Feeds/Add POST request hangs, while the cpu and memory usage of both w3wp.exe and the TeamCity process goes through the roof.

Another note, when adding a feed with an invalid url Octopus returns status code 500, which led me to believe that Octopus was crashing for some reason. Returning 400 (or something in the 4xx range) would make more sense here.

Just a small update to this. Today I changed the Teamcity password, which caused the feed password to change. This meant that the NuGet feed in Octopus now had invalid credentials, and the same thing happened when I tried using Octopus. CPU went high on both w3wp and TeamCity.

Were you ever able to get octopus to work with a teamcity nuget feed? I am trying to add an unauthenticated guest nuget feed and I keep getting “Error: 500 - Server error: Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow.”

This isnt with an authenticated feed however. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Tosh,

Thanks for reporting this, I’ll try to work out why the CPU spikes so much and a simple error doesn’t come back.

Hi Sean,

What happens when you add the same feed to Visual Studio’s package manager?



I got octopus working with a TeamCity nuget feed. I didn’t try the public feed, rather had to specify a username/password. Not sure if integrated security works.


I had to upgrade to the latest version of octopus to get it to work if anyone else stumbles across this. Thanks for your help guys. It’s working now.



I’m still getting this problem in version


Robert, what problem exactly? Does the CPU spike when adding a TeamCity feed? What happens when integrated auth isn’t used?



Not sure, I don’t have direct access to the octopus server. The problem only occurs when nuget (TeamCity) requires auth and the username/password is incorrect or left blank.


I’ll see if I can open the process in VS on Mon

Thanks, this will be fixed in the next release.